Thoughts from the road

Tom Weber
FCBA cyclist

Yesterday:  A day off. I went to church with the group and to the presentation we did for the congregation. My friends Laura and Tom came down from the Chicago area, arriving in time to see the presentation. We then went for lunch, topped off with a chocolate malt! It was really nice to have a nice quiet visit with them, and then to show them our campsite in the Catholic high school, with bedrolls and bikes scattered everywhere.

Bike day 23 for me/9 to go
Bloomington, IL to Danville, IL 87 miles
Build days done 4/build days left 3
Temp 105 F; humidity ??

I am in awe of the beauty and power of our farmed fields. I don’t have statistics to quote, but it sure looks like we could feed the world on what we produce. Especially if we stop raising so much grain that we inefficiently feed to cattle.

I have not been taking many pictures. Just working hard on my bike.

I rode sweep today with "The Dragon Slayer," Aaron. We had a few flat tires we had to stop for, and a water stop at a local house. Bob needed to stop and stretch, so when we stopped on the highway, a guy came out of his driveway, saw us and asked if we needed any water. We said yes, and walked back to his very shady front yard to wait for him to bring water. He came back with the water, so we of course told him what we were doing. He got his sister to come out, then got his mother to come out and see us also. We happily posed for pictures with them when they brought their camera. A nice stop.

This ride beat me up today! Not sure why, since I was drinking the same amount of water, but I was riding hard for most of the ride even though we were riding sweep. So, I’m beat!

Somebody scored me a bed today, in a private room. When I got to the church my bag was already claiming a very nice bed. It came in handy because after I iced myself down to cool off from the ride I changed clothes and took a nap. My second "on purpose" nap!

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