Thought Economics article “How to Change the World” features Linda Fuller’s insights

As the co-founder of The Fuller Center for Housing, Linda Fuller knows a thing or two about changing lives — and changing the world in the process. That’s why Vikas S. Shah selected her along with two others for his article called “How to Change the World” that recently appeared in Thought Economics, a “journal of intellectual capital” Shah founded that is read in more than 120 countries. The article also features thoughts from Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of ASHOKA, and Nancy Lublin, founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line. It is an extensive article packed with insights, and you can read it in its entirety at the link below.

Thought Economics: How to Change the World

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  • WHAT A FANTASTIC ARTICLE! I love reading Linda’s insights about changing the world. Not only does she have the insights … SHE DID IT!


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