Things are moving, houses are going up!

I decided to get out more and burn energy so I can be on the ground with the teams and masons. I think we laid much of the ground work to make this possible. Things are ramping up with multiple groups and teams coming. I want to be a part of each house.

The beginning is a joint effort with Notre Dame to salvage lumber from some buildings they put up around their field hospital. It will be a good trade: some quality roofing trusses for a few days labor. We got started yesterday. In the end the whole building was broken down into a pile of 2×4’s, trusses, and scrap. It was awesome. Tomorrow we’ll tackle the next one and keep things moving. A few of the kids from the street came to join in and the next thing we knew there were 30 of them running all over the place. Mostly collecting rock or hauling 2×4’s into the ND walls. It’s funny, they just want to be included and find a place. They smile, work hard, and always want more.


The projects around the house have started. Mountain sand and river sand arrived which we will use as a base to build up the entry drive to prepare for pavers. On the initial list is replacing some of the septic tank concrete lids, testing out the caulk and the sky light, mowing the yard, putting the curb on the roof, and putting a donated tool shed out back. Quotes have come in to screen the porches and put in screen doors, which is awesome, because the mosquitoes are still here and just as fierce.

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