New paperback “The Vision at Work” tells The Fuller Center for Housing’s story

New paperback “The Vision at Work” tells The Fuller Center for Housing’s story

AMERICUS, Georgia — Through the years, Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell has stood before thousands of supporters, volunteers, church congregations and others to tell the story of The Fuller Center for Housing.

He’s spoken of how Millard and Linda Fuller became millionaires in the 1960s but decided to give away their wealth in a quest to find real joy in serving God’s people in need. He’s recounted how they learned the basic principles of partnership housing from Christian theologian Clarence Jordan at historic Koinonia Farm in Sumter County, Georgia. And he’s explained how the simple, grass-roots principles the Fuller’s learned at Koinonia and successfully tested in the heart of the African Congo in 1970s continue to guide The Fuller Center’s work today.

That story is now available for everyone to read with Snell’s new book, “The Vision at Work.” Clocking in at 60 pages, the book is simple and decent — like the homes The Fuller Center builds.

“It pretty much flowed out because it’s a story I’ve told many, many times,” Snell said on Wednesday, one day after the paperback was officially released on Amazon. “Of course, I added a little bit to it and filled in some blanks. It was an easy story to write, and we got it done pretty quickly.”

Priced at just $5, the book is more of a learning tool than a quest to top the best-seller list and make money. All profits made from book sales will go directly to supporting The Fuller Center for Housing’s work of building and repairing homes in partnership with families in need.

“The idea of this book is simply to get the word out,” Snell said. “The Fuller Center has a great story. Millard Fuller’s ministry from the 1960s all the way up to today is just a wonderful story. And this tells the story, but it tells it briefly and it tells it simply.

“It’s a great tool for folks who want to know more about The Fuller Center, where we came from, why we do what we’re doing, and what we intend to do going forward,” he added.

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