The Fuller Center's QR code

By Chris Johnson
Director of Communications

I have a stupid phone. OK, perhaps that’s a little insulting, but if everybody else seems to have a "smart" phone, wouldn’t that, by default, make my normal flip phone that just calls and texts folks a "stupid" phone? I don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll have a fancy-shmancy phone that has an app for this and an app for that. The only app I have is an appetite.

Anyway, those of you with the fancy, high-tech devices know that you can scan what’s known as a QR code that appears on various products. You scan it, and you usually get taken to a website related to that product. Well, we at The Fuller Center for Housing now have a QR code that directs people to our website (which will have a slightly newsier and more active new look in a few days).

I’ve tried scanning it with my eyeballs, which I upgraded to laser vision during my last trip to the Wal-Mart vision center, and I wasn’t directed to the website — although I did find Waldo and Jimmy Hoffa. So I guess it’s exclusively for smarty pants phones.

We will begin to put the code on printed products in the future and incorporate it where we can. I personally have my doubts about its value, but I’m willing to be proven wrong since obtaining a QR code costs NOTHING. So, give it a shot. You can obtain varying sizes of our QR code by clicking these links — small, medium and large.

I encourage covenant partners and friends to incorporate these codes where you can to promote The Fuller Center. And if it does wonders to draw traffic to our website, well, by golly, I’ll eat my words and go buy myself a smarty pants phone.

Happy scanning.

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