Hard work's a blessing

What an awesome feeling to finally lay down after a long week of almost constant hard work. To look back and say, “I did everything I could each day.” Some days I thought I couldn’t have lifted another shovel, swung the pick axe any harder, carried another bag of cement, or lifted another block.

When each movement is just a numbness, like a long afternoon in the gym. The showers are colder and more refreshing, the sheets seem softer, and I sleep right through the blood-sucking mosquitoes (which could be one of the best perks). My days now have something to show for them: a house’s foundation, the new floor to base a family, the partial walls of someone’s new bedroom, the roof on a new home.

Working next to the masons is awesome. I have more respect for them and am sure earning more from them. Their talent is amazing. The time and effort they put into each block is an essence of craftsmanship I have not seen elsewhere. Our communication is even improving along the way. Not the kind of communication barriers you normally cross in a relationship, but the most basic: pointing, single words growing into sentences, ideas actually being shared from one person to the next. I might not be using the correct words in the correct places, but they understand my Creole and I theirs.

Ah, the days are good.

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