Just got back from a weekend getaway to northern Wisconsin. We celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary there, but mostly just enjoyed being away. Sheilla’s from that part of the country and we’ve been going there for years. There’s a quality of isolation about the area that makes it a perfect place to recharge, and after a busy couple of months it was great to be away.

But I find that my thoughts never stray too far from the Fuller Center for Housing, and I found myself reminiscing on the Millard Fuller Legacy Build we just completed in Lanett and around the world and on the hundreds of volunteers who gave of their time for that event and who share their time throughout the year helping God’s people have a decent place to live.

We are so grateful to those who share of their wealth to help this ministry grow, and know that none of what we do would be possible without their partnership. Now’s the time to thank those who give of their time, and that’s a significant gift, because time is the one thing we can’t make more of! There’s really no way to adequately thank the volunteers who give of the non-renewable resource of their time. Fortunately the work itself is a great reward—the camaraderie of the work site, sharing the joy of the new homeowners— these are pretty good gifts in trade.

But we do want to thank the volunteers, and give them all a great Oyée! for the work they do. Thank you to those who have spent a week each year for twenty years and more to build houses. Thanks to those who have just discovered the joy of a Fuller Center work site. Thanks to those who pay their way to travel to distant sites to work on international projects. Thanks to the youth groups and Sunday school classes, the student groups and families who give of their time on weekends to build a house.

In these difficult times when the media bemoans the loss of civility in our culture you only need to visit a Fuller Center work site to have your faith in the basic decency of humankind restored. On behalf of the many families whose lives you’ve changed, thanks!

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