PLANNED GIVING: Donor testimonials

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“Just as I am concerned about my money while I am alive, I want my money to be used wisely when I am gone, and I know I can entrust The Fuller Center for Housing to use my money very wisely, not for high overhead or frivolous expenditures. What better legacy could I have than for the money I leave to be used to improve the lives of other people? The Fuller Center provides an excellent vehicle to do that.”
Jackie Goodman


“Having The Fuller Center for Housing in my will made spiritual and economic sense to me as a Christian. My wife and I can’t take our money with us, and there’s no place like home!” — Chris Fuller



“We know that The Fuller Center will use our bequest in building homes for poor families, and those families can concentrate on making a better life for their children. Strong families make a better world for all. And we like knowing that The Fuller Center will use the money we leave for building houses and not just put it into endowment. Endowment is important, but families all over the world need homes — now. We want to assure that we are helping realize Millard’s dream of safe and decent homes for all of God’s people.”
Marlene Muse

“Finding myself entering the seventh decade of my life causes me to reflect on big questions, such as: What are the primary things I would like to accomplish in the time I have left on Earth? Does the fact that Millard and I found and led two Christian housing ministries over a period of 40 years entitle me to stop giving and do good only for myself and those close to me? I cringe at the thought! Over and over, Millard and I experienced the total joy and contentment that always comes from sharing our time, talents and financial resources with those in dire need. We discovered how our lives could be enriched by giving to those in need. In this way, everyone is blessed — both the giver and the receiver. I wholeheartedly desire for this legacy to live on for my children, grandchildren and acquaintances and donors to The Fuller Center.” — Linda Fuller Degelmann

“We are so very grateful to Millard and Linda for providing a vehicle for us to serve our God, and to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people of all races. We feel rich in memories, and want the work to continue after we’re gone. We want to name the Fuller Center in our will because it makes such a difference in people’s lives; both the person receiving the house and those who are working on it. The fact that the folks we are working with in Springhill, La., are so interested in learning how to build energy-efficient houses is so important to us.”
Garvin Jabusch


“Because The Fuller Center for Housing is grounded in the early vision of Millard Fuller to ‘love our neighbor’ by eliminating substandard inadequate housing, I knew that The Fuller Center was an important part of my estate planning. Millard Fuller’s legacy inspires me to leave a legacy of my own–one that can do so much good because it is a gift that will keep on giving as families make their affordable mortgage payments that will be grouped with new donations to help make other familes’ dreams for simple decent housing possible.”
Bob Abel


“Millard Fuller was a blessing to Jack Wolters, that’s for sure. He was a very, very dear friend, a wonderful person, no doubt about that. I feel very, very strongly about Millard Fuller, doing what he did with his life. I’ve been involved with him since a year after it started. Through all these years, I supported him, I support Linda and the program that’s been a blessing in my life to be able to give back to folks who’ve never, ever dreamed of having a home. I’ve been so blessed to be able to do this.” — Jack Wolters




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