Test your knowledge of Millard Fuller’s ministry with this 15-question multiple-choice quiz

How much do you know about Millard Fuller and The Fuller Center for Housing’s affordable housing movement? Find out with this simple 15-question multiple-choice quiz.


Fuller Center History quiz!

In what year was The Fuller Center for Housing founded?

1 out of 15

In what city was founder Millard Fuller born?

2 out of 15

Before they founded Habitat for Humanity or The Fuller Center, to which country did The Fullers move with their four children to test their partnership housing model for three years?

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Which of this is NOT a quote by Millard Fuller?

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Every year, the Millard Fuller Legacy Build honors the legacy of our founder with a one-week blitz build. In what city was the first Millard Fuller Legacy Build held?

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Millard Fuller became a millionaire in the 1960s through a marketing operation he ran with a business partner before giving it all away to commit his life to Christian service to others. His business partner back then also would go on to serve others through his own mission. What was that business partner's name?

6 out of 15

What was the name of the farm at which Millard and Linda Fuller met Christian theologian Clarence Jordan, whose teachings inspired the principles behind their affordable housing movement?

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Which of these honors did Millard Fuller NOT receive?

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In what country did The Fuller Center first build internationally?

9 out of 15

In which state did The Fuller Center build its first homes in the United States?

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Which of these is NOT required of Fuller Center homeowner partners?

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In 2006, Millard and Linda Fuller were honored and their story told on CMT's "Unsung Heroes," in which country music artist Jamie O'Neal wrote and performed a song about the Fullers' story. What was the name of that song?

12 out of 15

Speaking of musicians, what Grammy-winning artist volunteered at the 2013 Veterans Build in Shreveport, Louisiana?

13 out of 15

What country outside the U.S. has completed the most Fuller Center home projects?

14 out of 15

Which former president said of Millard Fuller: “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Millard Fuller has literally revolutionized the concept of philanthropy.”

15 out of 15

Thank you for taking our quiz! If you would like to learn more about The Fuller Center for Housing's mission or want to find out how you can be involved, please visit FullerCenter.org or join our email list. Click the button below to see your results.


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