Team effort gets walls built fast in — of course — Speedway, Ind.

During a two-week period in June (June 3-14), the town of Speedway, Ind, Allison Transmission and The Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana are teaming up to build a new home for a single mother and her two children, an effort funded primarily by a $30,000 donation from Allison Transmission.

Teamwork is the key to this project: Allison Transmission will supply volunteer workers who will be supervised by licensed carpenters, plumbers and electricians from Westport Homes. Smock Fansler Construction is donating labor to do masonry work on the foundation and concrete work on the driveway and garage pad. Concrete is being donated by Heartland Concrete, and the Speedway Lions Club will construct the garage.

As a prelude to those two weeks of building, groups gathered Saturday in Speedway to construct the walls that will be used in the building of the home, as well as walls for a home The Fuller Center will build later this year in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis for a couple and their eight children.

Several groups — including volunteers from Allison Transmission, St. Christopher Church of Speedway, American Structure Point, Westport Homes, David Building Group, Speedway High School and more — assembled in the Allison Transmission parking lot to put the walls together, something they accomplished in less than two hours.

“This was teamwork at its best in the planning, staging and completing the task in 1 hour and 40 minutes,” said Ron Fisher of The Fuller Center of Central Indiana. "The walls represent a spirit and heart of the the total Speedway community to help one of their own families have a fresh, new start. The hammers were a choir that the Lord had to be smiling and say ‘well done.’"

Be sure to check for updates about the June build.

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