My blog did not walk the plank

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications


Did you know today, Sept. 19, is Talk Like A Pirate Day? Me, either. But it’s my job to keep up with such important happenings, and I apologize for not being on top of that.

It’s been since I’ve blogged or posted a news item, but not by choice. I promise I haven’t been just twiddling my thumbs and playing Angry Birds on my phone. We’ve been updating our database of contacts to make it more efficient and comprehensive.

While that was going on, our database guru Erica suggested that we keep our website updates to a minimum as not to interfere with any transfer of information. She also issued a threat (totally uncalled for, in my opinion) that if I did get in the way of her database work I would not be allowed to steal any more candy corn from her office. It’s the season for candy corn, so I felt that was a little harsh but complied nevertheless.

The Facebook page stayed busy, though. And last time I checked, we were about a dozen people away from our 2,000th “like” on Facebook. Be sure to share our page with your friends so we can up that number and spread our mission.

But we’ll get hopping once again this week with blogs and news. We’ve got a lot of covenant partners out there who are busy, including local folks. The closest CP outside of Americus is about 20 miles east of here. The Flint River FCH is in high gear, literally, after raising more than $15,000 at this past weekend’s poker run fundraiser involving motorcycles and boats. Director of U.S. Field Operations Kirk Lyman-Barner rode around Lake Blackshear on a boat and said it was a blast. (Check out dozens of photos from the event here!) I’m not a poker player myself, but when there’s a big UNO run, I’ll be all over it. We’ll fill you in on more CP activity as this week progresses.

Also, my right hand, also known as Leah Gernetzke, is back from Haiti with approximately three gazillion photos, not to mention loads of good stories from our recent women’s team that worked there. Look for an in-depth look at their unique experience soon. And check out some of Leah’s wonderful blogs from the trip here.

That’s it for now. I’ve got to try to corral our news flow. What do you think I do — sit around and eat candy corn all day???

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