Student Builders – Ways To Take Action


“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young” (1 Timothy 4:12). Students have so much to offer the affordable housing movement in terms of unique resources or connections, talents, insights, enthusiasm, and new ideas! We believe young people are not only the future of eliminating poverty housing, but are a powerful force TODAY.

Here are real, tangible ways you can get involved and make a difference.

  1. Start a Student Builders group. Become the founder of a faith-based, student-led service organization! Nothing is more exciting than knowing what you start as something small will impact the world in big ways for years and years to come.
  2. Form a mission partnership by getting your group, team, or club to get involved in our work. We welcome school sports teams, faith and service clubs, church youth groups, fraternities, sororities or any other group willing to help!
  3. Travel with us. Lead a builder team across the U.S. or travel abroad with our Global Builders program to places like El Salvador, Peru, Nigeria, Armenia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, or Haiti. These work great with spring break or other school breaks.
  4. Join the Bicycle Adventure. Every summer students bike with us around the U.S., building homes and spreading the word as they go. Join for the whole way or a segment – inexperienced cyclists welcome!
  5. Start a fundraising page and get others interested in the work of The Fuller Center. And then follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Get involved! Contact our Student Programs Coordinator, Allen Slabaugh, at (229) 924-2900 or via email at

We'd love to hear your comments!