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Vacaville, California newspaper features extensive report on Bicycle Adventure’s arrival

“I didn’t realize people across America are pretty amazing,” Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure cyclist Monica Busby told reporter Jessica Rogness of The Reporter News in Vacaville, Calif., of what keeps drawing her back to the annual fundraising and awareness ride. “There’s a lot more kind people, loving people in this country and I fell in […]

University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences report features Bicycle Adventure leaders

The University of Alabama’s College of Arts and Sciences has published an article about how and why Alabama grads Henry Downes and Connor Ciment decided to put their skills into action to help others by volunteering to lead The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure — the single biggest fundraiser for The Fuller Center for Housing’s work […]

VIDEO: January 2017 monthly update from Fuller Center for Housing headquarters

For years, representatives from Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners from across the nation would unite on a monthly conference call to share success stories and learn about new opportunities and other programs directed from The Fuller Center’s headquarters in Americus, Georgia. Unfortunately, we couldn’t invite the general public to join us on the call, […]

Bicycle Adventure leaders featured in University of Alabama student newspaper article

Connor Ciment and Henry Downes sit a few feet apart at the headquarters of The Fuller Center for Housing in Americus, Ga., as they finalize plans for the 2017 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure’s spring, summer and fall rides. But as the University of Alabama’s Crimson White student newspaper reports, they’re used to working near each […]

Bike Adventure unveils new ride: Weeklong Dirt to D.C. begins September 2017 in Pittsburgh

2017 was already shaping up to be the biggest year of the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure ever. Now, considering this morning’s announcement of a new ride, it definitely will be! Alongside three different summer routes, a spring ride down the Natchez Trace, and a weekend Silver Comet ride, the Bike Adventure is excited to announce […]

Bike Adventure inspires Steffani Zavala to put creativity to work in support of ministry

For Steffani Zavala, participation in the 2016 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure was only the beginning of her love of the organization. Alongside her husband Luke, Steffani rode her bike from Seattle, Wash., to Washington, D.C., to raise funds and awareness for The Fuller Center for Housing. Full of creative energy, Steffani has a passion for […]