Fuller Center for Housing of Southwest Louisiana

3007 Enterprise Blvd., Suite B

Lake Charles, LA 70601


Executive Director: Greta Willis



The aftermath of Hurricanes Laura and Delta made plain the need for affordable home ownership options in Southwest Louisiana. So, a group of local community leaders working with the Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders created the Fuller Center for Housing of Southwest Louisiana to bring affordable home ownership options to Southwest Louisiana.

Today we are a small start-up nonprofit working in coalition with other nonprofit organizations as we gather funding and support for our first home building project. We do not give houses away. We work with prospective low-income homeowners to prepare them for ownership. We build homes utilizing as much volunteer labor as possible to keep construction costs down.

We seek donations of materials and funding to support projects that also helps to keep costs down. The Bible teaches us we are not to charge interest of the poor, so we don’t. The mortgages we offer are interest-free. Call us to learn more at 337-884-9794.


Funding: Unrestricted operational funding as well as project funding.

Volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to join in our work. Volunteers able to assist with social media pages and especially social media fundraising, office tasks, home repairs and new construction (any skill level welcome)

Local church support: Prayers, donations, volunteers

Other Needs: Construction tools used in residential construction (Nailers, air compressors, drills, hand tools, prybars, paint equipment, scaffolding, wet-dry vac)

Work Truck (able to pull loaded trailer)

Covered Utility Trailer

Flat trailer