Sweeping to Williamsport – By Sarah Doren

Today we traveled from Paw Paw, W. Va. to Williamsport, Md. The ride was about 58 miles on the C & O Canal trail. Harley (my bike) has really been enjoying the trails. It’s not often a road bike gets to be used like a mountain bike! During today’s ride I shared the “sweeping” responsibility with Abby. It was our job to make sure all the riders make it to each destination without getting lost. We had some flat tires along the way but we “swept” everyone safely by the end of the day. Being the sweep of the day came complete with a dance!

Riding in the back was a little bit of a test of patience for me since I have been riding close to the front all trip, so far. However, it was fun to spend some time with different riders, even if I did decide to crash into Brett and give myself a little road rash… everyone is alright but I was frustrated by my mistake of not seeing him next to me. 

It’s interesting that in all this biking, the reason for riding could be so easily missed. As Abby and I rode today, we discussed being at home and what it’s like to have a home. And that’s way we are riding to give other a home or improve the one they have. I have been thinking how special it is for strangers to join together to do something for others. Maybe it happens all the time but this time I get to join in and ride my bike along the way! I am excited for our build day and getting to see all the stories I have been hearing in action.

Well, tomorrow we are off to Leesburg, Va. and it will be our last day on the trail. D.C. here we come!

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  • Thanks for the blog entry, but I’ve also been enjoying those videos. This is the first entry without one! Hey, are you guys getting lazy?


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