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Watch the videos and check out the stories below. Have some of your own?

Susan Bosovich led a trip to Armenia and passed a journal among her trip mates. Read some excerpts.

Hannah loved her first trip to El Salvador so much she decided to go back. And her second trip was even better, she said. Read more…

Wendy Hearn helped organize Global Builders trips through Peru while volunteering there from 2008-09. She fell in love with La Florida and wrote about her experience in a moving tribute to the desert land. Read it here…

Rob Beckham participates in and leads Global Builders trips whenever he has the chance. Here he talks about why he loves it and why you should, too!

A team from Old Lyme, Conn. recharged their souls on their Global Builders trip–in addition to pouring a foundation, walls and digging holes…Read more!

Cynthia Erickson led a trip to Armenia that involved three generations of her family. Read excerpts from the journal they kept to learn what a typical day building with FCH Armenia is like. (Hint: It involves delicious food and coffee breaks.)

Video Clips

Global Builders in Haiti…

A video from a recent trip to Ghana…

Check out YouTube for more Global Builders trip videos…

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