Starting Small

Sitting at the Café Campesino coffee shop one day, my friend Rev. Allan Purtill asked an interesting question, “Does a church have to work through a Fuller Center Covenant Partner organization to do Greater Blessing repairs?”  We said if there is a local Covenant Partner, we want churches to partner with them, but if there is no Fuller Center organization, we couldn’t think of any good reason they couldn’t be out there helping their neighbors, shut-ins and elderly homeowners.  Allan’s simple question was the catalyst for a mission program adjustment.  Through our Faith Builders program we now encourage and commission church teams, providing them basic technical support to take on small repair projects, building wheel chair ramps, fixing leaky roofs and rescuing homes for homeowners who are unable to afford to make the repairs.  
It is our hope and prayer that these projects will rapidly expand the footprint and awareness of The Fuller Center and that the efforts started in one church will inspire other churches to get involved and thus become the catalyst for launching an ecumenical Fuller Center Covenant Partner.
It is with urgency and exuberance that we are putting out the call for your church to join with us and do service projects locally and through our international Global Builders program.  We have seen how such mission efforts, even small ones like spending an afternoon building a wheelchair ramp for an elderly friend, can create vibrancy for church members who can tell the story about what good they are doing.
Would you pass this on?  You know of many churches in your area that would be eager and able to do one or two repair projects.  Let them know about the opportunity to do this with the support of The Fuller Center’s Faith Builders program.  Forward the newsletter and send us the email addresses of those you send it to so we can contact them directly to offer our help in getting them started.  As a tireless servant of the Church, the Fuller Center is eager to help your church and others fulfill the mission to bring Good News to those who need it!

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