United States

Sponsorship Opportunities for U.S. Projects

Roof replacement or repair: $3,000

Major roof repair or replacement is a huge economic burden for low-income families. Leaky roofs cause water damage to the house and the items in them. Damp conditions cause illness, especially in children, and incoming water or cold air makes some rooms unusable. A bad roof also leads to energy inefficiency and high utility bills for families already in financial straits.

Rehab of an existing house: $5,000

Millions of Americans, many of them elderly or ill, can’t afford the repairs needed to make their homes safe, respectable and healthy living spaces. A rehab allows families on limited incomes to stay in their own homes without refinancing or incurring the burden of heavy debt. The Greater Blessing program supports repair work for other families and fosters the joy of giving back.

A new home: $50,000

Despite a seeming myriad of options to finance a home, for many working-class families, there is no such thing as an affordable mortgage on the conventional market. The Fuller Center for Housing helps hardworking, decent people set up reasonable, no-interest payments; sweat equity strengthens the sense of true homeownership. As the payments are recycled to help more families, Fuller Center partners spread the joy and benefits of homeownership to others.

Where most needed: Any amount!

An undesignated donation to The Fuller Center gives us instant access to funds needed to build and repair homes for families in 15 countries around the world and in over 50 communities in the U.S. All donations, in any amount, are greatly appreciated and help us build and grow!

Visit our U.S. covenant partner page to search for the Fuller Center partner nearest you, then contact them about setting up a sponsorship. 

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