Spiritual images

By Susie Nordwall
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

My name is Susie. I pedaled into the last week of the Fuller Center ride with my 27-year-old bicycle … naive but eager for an adventure. Having turned 50 this year, I thought a week of Fuller Center biking would be a great way to celebrate. My brother, Scott, and his wife, Heidi, were good sports and joined me.

I have enjoyed getting to know my interesting biking team members this week. I am grateful for the gracious ways they have been my instructors, guides, and cycling buddies.

This morning as I was riding, a couple spiritual images came to mind. We bikers rely on vast amounts of air and water throughout the journey. I huffed and puffed pedaling to the tops of bridges, sucking in as much air as my lungs could hold. My muscles craved the oxygen needed to carry on the unusual work load expected of them. In a greater way we need the breath of God blowing His Spirit in us. God’s breath gives our lives strength, vitality and purpose for living.

We also rely heavily on water as we ride during the warmest season in Florida. I have never drunk so much water in my life. I am thankful for James and Nadine who faithfully stop ahead of us every 20 miles with the support vehicle so we can refill our water bottles and Camel Bak water packs. The water we drink is converted into sweat which cleanses our pores and cools us as we ride. There is great pleasure at the end of the day when we step into a shower and the cleansing water washes away the grit, sweat, and odor acquired during the day. Jesus offered living and cleansing water to the Samaritan woman whose life had been stained by sin and rejection. She accepted this water and the forgiveness Jesus gave. This woman’s life was transformed to one filled with joy and acceptance by her living God. Jesus offers this same living water to each of us.

I give thanks to God for protection of all the riders along this journey and for providing a beautiful world for us to enjoy. Thanks to all who have kept us in your prayers.

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