Special Projects

The Fuller Center has three annual events dedicated to inspiring our supporters, spreading the word, showcasing our innovative approach and helping as many people as possible. Join us for one of these special projects and become an instant part of the rapidly-growing Fuller Center family!

  • 5th Anniversary Build: Special project for 2010! – The Fuller Center is commemorating five years of building a better world, one house at a time. Between March 15 and 27, 2010, we headed to Louisiana where our initial effort began following Hurricane Katrina. Five houses were be built with three covenant partners.
  • The Millard Fuller Legacy Build honors the vision, life and work of our founder, Millard Fuller. Hosted each year by a different covenant partner, the event brings together hundreds of volunteers to build and renovate several houses in one location during one week. Alongside the action in the epicenter of the build, Fuller Center covenant partners across the U.S. and around the world participate by building, repairing or dedicating homes for a total of 100 homeowners helped during the week of the legacy build.
  • The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure started in 2008 with nine cyclists and an ambitious goal: pedal 3,300 miles and raise $100,000 for Fuller Center projects. Not only was the trip a huge success, but its growth has been rapid and its reach tremendous. Living humbly, Fuller Center cyclists carry the message of decent, affordable housing to churches and communities across the country and spend time putting their hands to work on Fuller Center projects.
  • The Fuller Center Earth Day builds are more than just a hands-on demonstration of how affordable housing can be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The organizations and activities around Earth Day advocate the use of green building practices in affordable housing. It is a time to reflect on our current practices, a time to learn from each other and a call to action through which we are inviting other affordable housing providers to recognize the need to be good stewards of the Earth’s resources and to implement green building practices.

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