Smiling faces, beautiful places – By Mark Benjamin

So we headed out of Huntersville, N.C. at 8 a.m. this morning for 78 miles of riding. Pastor Allan and all the folks at Hopewell Presbyterian were incredibly hospitable – we even all got to sleep on mattresses! Today was our last day with Team Asbury from Raleigh, N.C. (Allow Team Asbury to describe their fundraising goal to you in this video.)

After all the extra adventure yesterday we were grateful for an uneventful day. We did have one major event – we crossed the border into South Carolina and ate some Wendy’s Frostys to celebrate. Ivan bought some fireworks as well, more to come on that later I’m sure.

We ate a fantastic home-cooked meal made by the folks at Arcadia United Methodist Church, our home for the next couple of days here in Spartanburg. We ended the evening with some swimming and showers at a local campground called Cunningham’s. After seven continual days of riding, tomorrow brings a much needed day of rest.

I don’t know how we haven’t mentioned the BIG PARTY the bikers are heading toward in New Orleans yet. Music, food, free, fun…Check out the details!

It seems quieter now without the guys from Asbury. Mark Benjamin and James Bernstein added some great energy and laughter to our voyage. They will be missed!

Help Mark and Team Asbury raise the $5,500 they want to collect in order to fund the building of a home in San Luis Talpa, El Salvador.  Click here to donate toward their goal.

**Missed the first mail stop? Your next shot is Americus, Ga., where The Fuller Center is headquartered. Send your mail to arrive when we arrive there on July 24. 

c/o The Fuller Center for Housing
701 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Americus, GA 31709

*Flat Tire Count*

Current riders:     
Aaron Alaman – 3
Brett Safran – 8
Chris Cosby – 2
Ivan Cunningham – 0
Kyle Halat – 10
Ryan Iafigliola – 7  
Susan Pratt – 1
Mark Benjamin – 0
James Berstein – 0
Previous Riders:
Abby – 4
Jonny – 0
Leah – 2
Melissa – 3
Olivia – 0
Sarah – 2
Tom – 2
Tony – 0

Hear from Mark Benjamin and another member of Team Asbury about their fundraising goal:


  • Whahoo – ya’ll are making great progress! Jenni and Becky are in Mobile at a Conference this week. Let us know if you need us to scope out any streets for you guys ahead of your journey through this way! We had to smuggle Mendel into the hotel. Guilt got the better of us and we finally fessed up that we had him, and now we will probably end up with some programs out of it… HA! He’s hooting up a storm in the room which could make for interesting attempts at sleep… Good luck on your house renovation and keep up the excellent work!

  • ps – We are SO PUMPED that our box made the photo! Do with the SPAM as you please, just DON’T actually eat it. We just thought it would remind you of the south… Rock it out and safe travels to all the cycling peeps!


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