Smiles & tears as Fuller Center adds 3rd home to street in Speedway, Indiana

Terrie Messer tried to be all smiles, but she could not stop wiping away tears of joy at the dedication of the new Fuller Center home that she will share with her three children on West 10th Street in Speedway, Indiana — the result of a two-week blitz build sponsored by Allison Transmission and Westport Homes. Click here to view WISH-TV’s complete report on this special build and the continuing work of the Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana.

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  • Great job, great coverage! People are going to think Millard was LITERALLY an architect. 🙂 And he left Habitat in 2005 (12 years ago), right? Just tiny details in a really wonderful story. GOD bless all these hard-Working folks who are accomplishing so much!


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