Single mother sees new home as opportunity to change daughter’s life

For single mother Cashaundra Hicks, her dream of owning a home is less about herself and more about her daughter, Shakeriana.

Cashaundra first heard of the Fuller Center through a friend who worked with the local partner to own her home and encouraged her to apply. Cashaundra did her research, applied, and after a time on the waiting list, got a call from Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project Director Kim Roberts: her home was a go.

“I’m so ready to own my own home, my first home,” stated Cashaundra as she looked upon her home’s construction. “I want my daughter to be able to play in the yard and plant flowers. We’ll be able to go outside and maybe even get a little dog, and I can watch my daughter play outside.”

Cashaundra currently works at a carpet factory, pulling multiple shifts to support her daughter. Her mother watches Shakeriana during the days, taking her to dance lessons and helping with homework.

Cashaundra is thrilled to be on the build site working on her home. “Knowing that I’m here using hammers and nails and doing what I have to do to build my house is incredible. When they were laying the foundation I drove by, and I had tears in my eyes, tears of joy.”

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