The Silver Comet Ride

By: Lydia Huelskamp

When you try something new you never know what to expect. Things could go completely wrong, you could find out you’re allergic to shellfish, or your clay pot looks more like a clay blob, or your haircut makes you look like your little brother cut your hair with his play scissors. Trying new things can be very scary.

However, without trying new things you also never grow, you would never find your new favorite food, discover you have a knack for painting, or start a new fashion trend. Trying new things can be very good. “Where is she going with this?” you may be asking. Well, this past weekend FCBA took a step into the unknown and discovered just how good trying new things can be. Here are a few examples of how our new Silver Comet ride really was a great, new experience:

1. The Surrounding Beauty: It seemed everywhere you looked there was an amazing view. The path was covered by amazing trees with their Fall colors starting to peek through. At times there would be a break in the trees uncovering a lake or rolling farmland. The campsite had a creek running along it with a big open field for setting up tents and trees for shade and hammocks. Then there were the little towns where the rest stops were. They were the cutest little towns with pavilions, Welcome Centers, and their small town quaintness. It really was a beautiful ride.  

2. Big Ol’ Happy Family: All together we had 50 riders come in to ride from 10 different states. There were summer riders, spring riders, and new riders. Yet, it didn’t seem to matter, once a FCBA rider, always an FCBA family member. For some people it is hard to give up time in the summer or spring to always ride, but a weekend can easily be done. This didn’t feel like just a bike ride, it felt like a family reunion.

3. Just a Taste: Have you ever been given just a sample of ice cream and after eating it, all you want is to eat a whole bowl of it? This is exactly what the Silver Comet does. It is a small sample of our rides, our community, and our cause. It gave the riders just a little taste of what our big rides are like, and hopefully it left them wanting more.
4. The Cause: Once again, this FCBA ride is more than just a bike ride. There is a purpose behind the great time that is had. Someone’s life can be changed for the better because of this two-day Fall ride. This year we were able to raise a little over 5,000 dollars for the Fuller Center! If the beauty, the people, and the little taste of FCBA wasn’t enough to make this new thing a success then this here would be enough on its own. Thanks to all who rode, supported, and donated to this cause

I hope everyone who came out this weekend had as much fun as I did. And I hope all of you who weren’t able to make it this year mark your calendars for next year because this new thing is here to stay.


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