Several ways to Build a Better World this Giving Tuesday with The Fuller Center

Several ways to Build a Better World this Giving Tuesday with The Fuller Center

In the days after Thanksgiving in recent years, several themed days have emerged — including Black Friday for in-person shopping deals, Small-Business Saturday to encourage support of local businesses and Cyber Monday, when people are encouraged to do holiday shopping online.

On the heels of those days comes a crucial day for nonprofit organizations — Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1, 2020) — and it is particularly important for grass-roots organizations like The Fuller Center for Housing, which partners with families across the United States and in 20 other countries around the the world to help them have simple, decent places to live.

Giving Tuesday is a particularly powerful movement on social media, including on Facebook, where you can create your own Giving Tuesday fundraiser and share the charitable experience with your network of friends. Facebook does not take a cut of donations to eligible nonprofits like The Fuller Center made through its platform. This means 100 percent of your gift will go to your charity of choice.

If you are just now learning about The Fuller Center for Housing, please click here for our Mission Statement and FAQs about our ministry. In short, we treat families in need as partners, not as charity cases. We empower families with a hand-up, through which they become givers themselves and take pride of ownership in their homes. This not only builds stronger families but also stronger neighborhoods and communities.

This year, as an added incentive to give, the CARES Act allows even those who do not itemize deductions on their federal tax returns to deduct up to $300 in charitable gifts when filing their 2020 returns next year. Click here for more information.

Here are some of the ways you can support our ministry this Giving Tuesday (or anytime, of course!)

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