Servant to the Church Campaign 2011-2014

"The Fuller Center is not a church but rather a servant to the church, viewing the Body of Christ in all of its various manifestations as our primary partner in this ministry."

–David Snell, The Fuller Center president           

A church can be a spiritual home for individuals, families and communities. It has the power to inspire, transform and create real change in the world. This is the power of one church.

Now imagine the power of 3,000 working toward one common goal.

We’re asking 3,000 U.S. congregations from all denominations to not only provide a spiritual home, but a physical home for those in need – to become servants and partners with us in our mission to eradicate poverty housing by contributing just $500 annually.

Every dollar of your contribution will directly support:                              

• Covenant Partner programs in over 60 communities in the U.S.
• International Covenant Partners in 16 nations around the world                  
• Student and adult Global Builder Church work teams in the
   U.S. and abroad    
• The Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders program                  
• The Greater Blessing home repairs program
• New home construction projects
• Worldwide Millard Fuller Legacy Build Events honoring
   the founder of Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center
• Earth Day Build Events
• National Faith in Action Sunday Partnerships
• An ever growing online toolbox of litanies, sermons and mission
  leadership training tools

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