Segment 3 begins – By Jonny Fath

Well this is day two with The Fuller Center for me, and it has been incredibly exciting! We spent this entire morning on the road, and went about 50 miles from Manassas Park, Va. to Fredericksburg, Va. Overall, things have been going a lot smoother than I expected on the road. With no accidents so far this week, we can only hope for the best and push forward together with the friends we meet on the road from day to day.

Being a Virginia native has really helped with navigating the terrain; especially since it’s going to be around 100 degrees this entire week! That’s okay though, a little bit of heat from mother nature won’t stop us from riding through to Richmond and Virginia Beach. In order to prepare for the weather, we are all hydrating and leaving on our rides from 6 to 7 a.m. this week! I’m no stranger to waking up early, and I can’t wait to see what the next few days have in store for the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. 

Today after completing our ride, we spent the afternoon at Skip Cosner’s house. He is an absolutely wonderful person that does a lot of work abroad for the Stafford Crossing Community Church. They are an amazing group of people, and reach out far beyond their own communities in order to spread faith, and well-being in places that are not as fortunate as the United States! They were generous enough to let us stay for the evening in their rec center, and we soon won’t forget the kind gesture of faith. 

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  • We are all very proud of you and we wish you the very best. You are a fine man, a great athlete, and a very giving person for helping people who are less fortunate than you! We’re with you all the way! Good luck on this wonderful journey!

  • Go, Jonny, go! Glad you guys are starting early. I’m sight-seeing in DC and trying to stay in the AC. Ryan – believe it or not I saw Matt whiz by me on his bike while waiting to board the tour bus. Tony


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