Segment 2 begins! – By Abby Ayers

Day 8 – Pittsburgh to Connellsville

We set off from Pittsburgh this morning after a well-deserved and very appreciated rest day in the city. We lost Nate Aron and Olivia Kilian the previous day but were comforted by the arrival of two new riders, Tony Campbell and Sarah Doren.
The day was uneventful, albeit scenic. Sarah started the ride with a flat tire 10 miles into the trip, thus becoming officially initiated into the Bike Adventure!

After a brief exciting exodus of Pittsburgh, as sharing the road with Pittsburgh drivers is thrilling indeed, we found the trail and finished up another 50 on the Allegheny Passage trail, leading us to The Church of God in Connellsville, Pa. We were welcomed to Connellsville with a beautiful view following a brutal, but short hill. Worth it? To be decided…

Following a warm welcome and filling dinner, we were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and give a presentation to the church. Then we bunkered down for the night preparing for another long ride in the morning!

During the presentation, Ryan showed this preview to a documentary about Millard and Linda Fuller, the co-founders of The Fuller Center.

Allow Abby to introduce herself and her bike, Olive:

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  • You guys remain in our thoughts and prayers always! May God continue to guide and care for you! Don+

  • Hello fellow biker friends. Nice job on the blogs! I miss all of you and wish I could still be on the road supporting the cause. I am so lucky to have met each one of you. Ride on!


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