Scott Brand: This literally takes team-building to another level

As a corporate executive, Scott Brand has seen more than his fair share of team-building exercises, meetings, retreats and seminars. Each has its benefits, but unlikely at the level a literal building experience with The Fuller Center for Housing can provide.

However, the Fuller Center Global Builders trip he made to build homes in Nicaragua nearly two months ago not only changed his life, but it also opened his eyes to the immense team-building opportunity when philanthropic and corporate efforts blend to improve lives and business. To that end, he says he has dedicated the next few months to finding “creative ways of integrating philanthropy and corporate / team development.”

In a new LinkedIn post, Brand writes extensively and in detail about how this concept and specifically about how a Fuller Center Global Builders trip can be a more effective and likely less expensive team-building retreat while also having the tangible results of putting a family in a decent home.

click here for scott brand’s linkedin post

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