VIDEO: Save a House/Make a Home initiative summed up in less than 90 seconds

The Fuller Center for Housing’s Save a House/Make a Home initiative’s overall concept is succinctly explained in this short video by Kelli Yoder, a former communications specialist for The Fuller Center whom we still consider part of The Fuller Center family. For more details about the initiative that is receiving such favorable reaction, please click here. And please share Kelli’s video below.

Save a House/Make a Home is a win-win-win-win situation … and there aren’t many of those in today’s economy. It’s a win for families who deserve a simple, decent home. It’s a win for banks, financial institutions, municipalities and individuals who own properties they consider toxic or liabilities. It’s a win for communities and neighborhoods who suffer ripple effects from the problems such as crime and drugs that streets full of vacant houses attract. And it’s a win for the housing market itself as it fills those vacant homes that are a drag on real estate prices with good families who will maintain their homes.

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  • Hello, yes I’m interested in this program and just have some questions. 1》Can you help me buy house and renovate? 2》Is this program only for houses that are abandoned?


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