Greater Sarasota

The Greater Sarasota Area Fuller Center organized under the leadership of Fuller Center for Housing national board member Tom Dineen has begun work in the Sarasota area. The main focus for the Sarasota area Fuller Center will be to help local homeowners improve the quality of their living conditions through the Greater Blessing program. Sarasota Fuller Center will be working on improving the existing housing stock to help find solutions for low income families with their housing needs throughout the Sarasota area. For volunteer opportunities please contact Tom Dineen at phone number 941-343-3234.



  • Volunteers and committee members

  • Tools

  • Financial support- Donations may be sent to Fuller Center for Housing of the Greater Sarasota Area, 7308 Palomino Trail, Sarasota, FL 34241. All donations are tax deductible.

Contact Information:

Fuller Center for Housing of the Greater Sarasota Area
Tom Dineen
7308 Palomino Trail
Sarasota, FL 34241


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