Saintard Site Underway

By Billy Ponko

So work really took off today on the new and improved Growing Hope for Haiti Site!

Gerson and Heather rented a backhoe and Matt, a member of the volunteer team they have here working this week, drove it to clear a path around the four corners of what will be a home. He also cleared a spot for the latrine bases we framed up yesterday.

While Matt was driving and clearing, the rest of the gang used machetes to knock down an area of baby sugar cane plants. The terrain is very rough the way it is, because of the way they farm. The field is pretty much a massive spread of little mounds with plants growing on them.


The work was quick and a bunch of Haitians soon appeared with their own blades and joined in. This project plot is great to work on. The people come around and find a place to watch under, the only tree on the land. People are intrigued, but not in a negative manor. The land has a slight crown in it and a drainage ditch along one side. The soil appears very fertile and dark.

I found myself with the new concept for the site in my head and I put some sketches together for Gerson and rushed home to spend the afternoon working on the site plan again. It’s coming along. A bit different from the previous project location, but equally impressive.

Gerson and Heather are eager to get moving. They already met with a group that will help sponsor a mixed use Community Center. Next we’ll get started on the walls.

See how you can help with the project in Haiti by clicking here.

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