Auburn’s Restoration Church builds walls for 18th Fuller Center home in tornado recovery

By the end of 2019, there will be 18 new Fuller Center homes for families impacted by the March 3 tornado in Lee County, Alabama — thanks the tremendous support of volunteers, businesses, local leaders and the faith community. One of those faith communities — Restoration Church of Auburn — braved sweltering temperatures on Sunday to put their faith into action by building the final set of walls for that 18th homes.

Next up for The Fuller Center is the 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build, which will see 11 new homes built in one week — Sept. 29 through Oct. 4 — in the Beauregard area. Volunteers are still needed for this build, and you can register at this link. Kim Roberts — executive director of host partner The Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project — notes that volunteers are needed in areas beyond construction, including volunteers to help deliver water to job sites and other such non-construction-related tasks.

millard fuller legacy build

Thank you to Kim Roberts, Peter Salemme and Rick Kuhn for these great photos from Sunday’s wall build:

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