Fuller Friday resources

Fuller Friday resources

HASHTAG: #FullerFriday2015
Why is this important? The more posts on social media that use this hashtag, the more likely it is for it to trend and draw the attention of people far beyond those you intended. So, please, use this with each post. It may boost your fundraising efforts while also boosting those of other Fuller Center covenant partners.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has put out a guide to giving days like these. Click here to download the PDF file.

Simply right-click any of the images below that you wish to use on social media outlets such as Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter. They are already sized at the optimum specifications of 960 pixels by 960 pixels. There are six images, so you could schedule them all to run at different times on Fuller Friday 2015 (November 27) or over the course of six days, culminating on Fuller Friday. We suggest the latter so that people who may be involved in other activities around Thanksgiving my go ahead and learn about the effort and contribute.


(Or, of course, write your own!) If you wish to use our base letter and fill in the blanks with your covenant partner’s information, simply click here to download (MS Word doc). Check with your local paper to see specific details for submitting letters to the editor. Some accept mailed printed letters or emailed letters, while others have a link online where you will need to copy and paste text into a form.

SEND THIS PRESS RELEASE: Make no mistake … the biggest story for the media on Nov. 27 is the shopping madness of Black Friday. But, they often want a little something to set against that, a change of pace. Suggest your Fuller Friday campaign to them, especially if you have any kind of visual opportunity set up. Click here to download a sample press release with spaces for you to fill in information specific to your covenant partner. Although, if you already have a close relationship with your local media, it’s probably best to call or contact them personally.

You probably have a lot of other things going on the week of Fuller Friday, so why not schedule all of your social media posts in advance? It’s easy. Here’s how:

You may not think it’s a good use of your funds to advertise on social media. Think again. You can literally get your post in front of hundreds of people for $1 or thousands for $10. Not only that, but you can specifically target only people in your community, certain age groups, by interests, etc. It’s a specific targeting avenue that just isn’t available in traditional media. Click here to learn exactly how to boost posts on Facebook.

DO YOU NEED PHOTOS: Click here for a gallery of some of our best photos (captions provided) representing the basics of our work.

If you would like to share our new overview video (at the bottom of this page) on your social media, click here to be linked to that URL or simply paste this code onto your page: https://youtu.be/C99KeamkZfo

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