Remembering Millard Fuller

He became a millionaire before the age of 30 . . . and then gave it all away to serve God. He carved out a niche in Christian service by helping families have simple, decent places to live. Though he passed away on Feb. 3, 2009, his dream lives on through The Fuller Center for Housing’s ministry.

Legacy fundraiser

Join us in raising at least $10,000 for the annual event honoring his legacy, the Millard Fuller Legacy Build.

Memorial gathering

Our Feb. 3, 2018, memorial gathering has reached maximum capacity. No more RSVPs can be accepted.

Millard Fuller bio

Learn more about the man who "revolutionized the concept of philanthropy."

Elizabeth Hines teaches school in Indianapolis, where she is raising four sons, ages 10-14, living in an apartment complex too full of danger for the boys to play outside.  Elizabeth dreamed of having her own home, but her salary couldn’t stretch far enough to raise the kids, pay the bills and have a mortgage.

T Joy is a carpenter in Trivandrum, India, with a wife and two small children, all living in a two room house with an asbestos roof.  The Joys also dreamed of owning their own home, but high interest rates made it impossible.



  • It is hard to believe that Millard is not with us, as he and Linda did so much and inspired so many and helped so many of our fellow brothers and sisters. Their inspiration is a strength to me and others every day.

  • Millard Fuller was one of the most powerful men who ever lived! He was on God’s side & God on his! They were a team, along with his wife & family & many many folks from all over the world who saw his vision & responded. I was a Habitat for Humanity Exec. Dir. for about 5 years & I still love what’s happening there & in so many other places! David Snell’s Easter message touched me & I’ve passed it on to many in my circle of friends, family… I was blessed to have been able to meet Millard in person, on more than one occassion & treasure those times of hearing his wisdom & accepting his ideals & fore-thoughts. Yes, his power still lives on in the lives of folks who now have homes of their own! Have a Blessed Easter!


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