Reflections from Week 1

By John Hebert

Riding, riding – more bicycling. It is rewarding to be able to ride for 75 miles and to reach the next destination, but what stands out in my mind for this first week was when we worked on a home for a day and I helped to trim one of the windows in the living room of the home. I later found out this home was for a young couple with a newborn baby.
I have grown children of my own and I know how hard it can be to keep up with even simple repairs in a home but this home was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. As I finished putting the last nail in the window trim it was a simple reward knowing that this couple would eventually look at that window and never know who did the work. A small thing but I will remember it for a long time.




  • Hi John! Grats on your ride and service for the Lord! Wanted you to know that we made a donation toward your ride – sorry it was later than desired. Still God will use it for His glory. God bless you and the others as you fulfill the Great Commission – praying for you daily! Mike


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