RedLetter Christians’ Shane Claiborne salutes Fuller Center Bicycle Adventurers

Shane Claiborne, founder of The Simple Way and the Simple Homes Fuller Center for Housing, is a prominent leader of the RedLetter Christians movement, which asks a pretty simple but thought-provoking question: “What if Jesus Really Meant What He Said?”

One of the things He said was to love our neighbor, and Claiborne encourages people to do that in multiple ways — especially by putting faith into action. In Philadelphia, they are doing that by taking vacant, often-dilapidated properties and turning them into like-new homes for families in need. Funds raised by the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure help make the work of the Simple Homes Fuller Center and other covenant partners possible.

In the video below, Claiborne has a few words to share with our Bicycle Adventurers, who will complete the 2016 summer ride — a 3,600-mile journey from Seattle to Washington, D.C. — on August 13.


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