Redding-Boscobel Jamaica Partnership

During the summer of 2003, members of Redding, Connecticut community and the Boscobel, Jamaica community (situated on the northeastern coast of Jamaica and in the nation’s poorest parish), formed a partnership of service, fellowship and friendship.

One of the hallmarks of our relationship is a shared commitment to cultivate a mutually beneficial international, interracial, intercultural initiative that builds bridges of human understanding even as we work together on a variety of projects that benefit our respective homelands. Our projects engage young people and adults from both communities in ways that educate, inspire and leave a legacy of international care.

This coming summer from July 3 –10 we will bring aid to the people of lower Boscobel who have been living in deplorable conditions and are being evicted from their squatter land homes as a result of a new government project.

Our goal is to raise funds to help build new permanent structures for four families. The materials and prep labor cost are $4,000 per home. On this page you can see before and after pictures of the current living conditions and the type of new homes we are planning to build.

Over the years more than 100 members and friends of our Connecticut community have traveled to Jamaica to participate in this exciting and unique relationship, and roughly 25 Jamaicans have visited Connecticut. Working side-by-side our partnership has: built more than 5 affordable houses in the local Boscobel area; shared in constructing, from the ground up, the first permanent sanctuary of the local Boscobel church; painted a Jamaican health clinic; helped rehabilitate the local community center, taught dozens of Jamaican children to swim; volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in Bridgeport, Connecticut; and traveled together to New Orleans to work side-by-side restoring flood ravaged neighborhoods in St. Bernard Parish. Both groups, Jamaican and American, invest of their sweat, their money, and their voices for a more just and humane world.

As our partnership continues this summer, along with the construction of homes for residents of the lower Boscobel community, the rebuilding of a fenced-in garden area at the local primary school, and teaching yet more children how to swim.

To accomplish our ambitious agenda will require more than simply our energy, joy, and perseverance, it will require the generous financial assistance of others who support the model and practical assistance of a partnership that transforms lives even as it strengthens communities.

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