The Real Purpose of the Adventure

by Diane Bies

Wow!  Here I am back with the FCBA. I have ridden 2 spring rides, this summer I rode week 4, went home for 3 weeks, and now am riding the last 2 weeks to the coast. Each time I join the Fuller Center Bike Adventure I am amazed at the warmth and comfort that is the life of this group. We all come from so many different areas and experiences and yet we work together both on and off the bikes. God is so alive here with us in every moment!

What a beautiful day we had today! My day started out with a brisk walk to Mass with several other riders where we stood out in our orange FCBA t-shirts. It was nice to talk with several people afterwards and share our story of what we are doing and why. Before we left the church one family that had shown special interest in us asked if they could pray for us today. They said an amazing prayer for our safety and success and for the Fuller Center. What a great way to start a week!

Interestingly the sermon today was about Martha and Mary, Lazarus’ sisters. I love that story as I was once correctly accused, by our priest, of being Martha all too frequently. I have to remember to slow down and listen and share. As Jesus said in Luke !0:42, “Mary chose the better part and it will not be taken from her.”  It is so easy to get caught up in our earthly work and what we must do to reach our “goals”. However, here with the Fuller Center family, it is easy to relax and know that the work will be done by someone as there are plenty of us and we each have our assigned job. There is time to talk and visit and share! There is time to focus on the real purpose of all of these adventures. It really is all about working to end poverty housing and spread God’s love. Even as we have our build days, we are reminded to focus not only on the job of working with earthly tools but to remember the people we are helping and working beside. Sometimes the homeowners need someone to talk to and hear them.

Our evening wrapped up tonight with a team meeting where we introduced ourselves and talked about our favorite part about the adventure. We welcomed the new riders who have joined us this week and learned more about those who have been here. Tomorrow we will ride out of Missoula to Superior, Montana. We will pedal alongside our fellow FCBA family and have two build days this week. I will try especially hard to remember as we finish the summer ride to always choose the better part. The memories and love cannot be taken away from us. When we go home after the ride, we will each take that better part with us and hold it dear to our hearts.

Lord, help us always have time to listen and hear the words of those around us.You have so much to share with us. Help us be available to listen. 

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