2012 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure!


February 9, 2012

Dear Friend,

I’m sitting here on the patio enjoying the Georgia sun as I write this (Feb 2 Groundhog’s Day), trying to feel guilty and not succeeding. I do like the milder winters. I am coming to you today with a request for money and I am hoping that since this is of a more personal nature, you will consider it.

I am participating in the Fuller Center for Housing Spring Bike Ride from Nashville, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi from March 9 – 18. It is a 400 mile ride with all of the living costs already paid. All of the money raised will go to repairing homes. I am suggesting that you pledge a certain amount per mile. I think that will provide me enough motivation to complete the trip. Ten cents per mile is $40 and twenty-five cents a mile is $100. If you want to do more, no one will stop you. You can contribute several ways and they are listed on the website www.fullercenter.org/bikeadventure. I have a separate page and you can contribute on this site. If you send the money right away and I don’t finish the ride, I will refund your money for the miles that I don’t finish. The complete ride schedule is also on this site. There is about four weeks until we begin, so don’t be a procrastinator like me.

I’ve decided to participate for two reasons: 1. to soar past the plateau I am on in my exercise program and 2. to continue the work the Fuller Center is doing in the Forest Park neighborhood (my neighborhood) near Koinonia. As many of you know, I have been associated with Koinonia Farms www.koinoniapartners.org for the past two years. Koinonia has a close relationship with the Fuller Center going back to the fact that Millard and Linda Fuller helped build Forest Park in 1970/1971 before moving into town to start Habitat for Humanity. The Fuller Center has done two projects in the Forest Park this year – one replaced all of the doors and windows in a house making it much more energy efficiency and the second completely remodeled the interior of another house. The next project will be to remodel the house pictured here:

Once again new doors and windows will be installed.

You might remember that I live in Forest Park, because I bought Dave and Ellie Castle’s house (my Aunt and Uncle) when Ellie “retired” to Pittsburgh in 2009. I have had to invest in my own house to both modernize it and to keep it in repair. This includes recoating the roof, fixing a leak in the wall and replacing all of the windows. Many in the neighborhood do not have nor never have had the funds for these improvements and repairs. Our goal is to make sure that this does not happen again. Using the Greater Blessings program, the homeowners whose houses have been repaired pay for their improvements to provide funds to refurbish more homes in the future. This programwill also provide guidance to keep all of the homes in Forest Park in repair.

A quick comment on the exercise program. My weight peaked at 223 lbs. in July 2011. I started attending Miss Trina’s step class in Americus and have lost 18 lbs. (She probably doesn’t know Vince Lombardi, but she would make him proud). I have been stuck at this weight for more than a month and am hoping adding bicycling will jar me passed it.


Rob Castle


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