Well-known quotes
by Millard Fuller

The Fuller Center for Housing founder
was both a prolific writer and speaker.
Here are some of his words of wisdom.

"It’s not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It’s what you do with your life that counts."
"There are sufficient resources in the world for the needs of everybody, but not enough for the greed of even a significant minority."
"Faith without works is as dead as a doornail."
“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.”
“It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting.”
“I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help His people in need.”
“Nobody loves a good worship service more than I do, but we are called to make religion real, to make our faith come alive. Helping others have a decent place to live is one way to do that and it doesn’t take too long for others to recognize it, too.”
“Love makes things blossom and allows little children to become all that God intended them to be. Children given the opportunity to grow up in a decent home may even change the world.”
“In various ways all of us should be constantly finding people and situations that are dead, buried, and covered up in order to help bring them to the light because the God that we service is a God of light, a God of love, and a God of caring.”
“No city is so well off that it can afford to squander a part of the next generation.”
“We the people should leave out none of the people.”
“The mark of a truly great society is one that takes care of the least.”
“Everyone who gets sleepy at night should have a simple decent place to lay their heads, on terms they can afford to pay.”
“If large masses of people in this country were starving there would be a swift public reaction to feed them. Similarly large masses of people without housing should be immediately helped.”
“God’s love extends to the whole world, and I think He wants the money we gather up in life to be shared with all the citizens in the world.”