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Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure building at a rapid pace, still needs donations

Before the start of the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure (FCBA), participating cyclist Esther Hyejin Chung posed the following question on the official FCBA blog: “Why can’t God just fix the housing crisis Himself?”

Esther then went on to write, “I might be biased being human, but I like when God inspires people to change history. When I look around, I see His love expressed in the most magnificent ways through people who are willing and available to serve others as His hands and feet.”

Since July 10, approximately 17 members of the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure have been on the road biking, building and bringing people together. Inspired by Christ’s love, fueled by peanut butter and supported by hundreds of people across the country, the cyclists are doing their part as the hands and feet of God to help fix the housing crisis.

Since their first project on the 13th with the St. Joseph (Indiana) Fuller Center in South Bend, the cyclists have primed, painted, installed siding, framed rooms, built a front porch and uprooted tree stumps at three additional Fuller Center work sites. All have been Greater Blessing repair projects that allowed the team to meet and work alongside Fuller Center leadership and homeowners. And they are not just earning the gratitude of homeowners by their hard work. In Springfield, Ken., Mayor John W. Ceccioni awarded the team the keys to the city.

But our small team can’t fix the housing crisis alone, and neither can our covenant partners, which is why the cyclists are also trying to raise $200,000 for Fuller Center projects across the U.S. and around the world. So far, they have raised about $60,000. Although small donations are accepted along the way, the team still needs your help to meet its goal.

Please consider donating to the bike trip directly through THIS link, or donate to one of our Fuller Center covenant partners and designate the donation specifically to the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. (You can find a list of our covenant partners HERE.) Remember: the trip is already funded. Your donation will go directly toward the work of providing simple, decent housing for families in need.

If you’re still unsure, read a bit of what FCBA cyclist Thad Wontor wrote on the official trip blog: “I continue to be amazed by the character and talent of the people I find myself surrounded by. This trip, this group, truly is the result of Divine Will. The overwhelming spirit here is hope, bolstered by friendship, and glued together by Faith. Fuller Center affiliates and our host churches continue to back us above and beyond. Good things are in store for the next month. We’re finally on our way. Please continue to pray for our safety and sanity as we peel the miles of the road and old paint off houses. It’s all for a greater blessing.”

We would like to thank the leaders, volunteers and supporters of the four Fuller Center covenant partners who have thus far provided food, housing and volunteer opportunities to the FCBA cyclists: St. Joseph FCH in Indiana, FCH Central Kentucky and our partners in Louisville and Springfield, Ken.

The remaining build projects for the cyclists will be with Fuller Center covenant partners in Atlanta (Greater Atlanta FCH), Lanett, Ala., (Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project), Americus, Ga., and Tallahassee, Fla.

You can keep up with the cyclists’ adventures, projects and fantastic photos by Esther on the official trip blog: www.FullerCenterBikeTrip.blogspot.com

* All photographs courtesy of FCBA cyclist Esther Hyejin Chung.

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