Puerto Rico survey

We are talking with concerned parties and listening to everyone who wants to help our fellow Americans on the hurricane-damaged island of Puerto Rico. If you have connections with the disaster recovery arm of a denomination or like-minded organization, please let us know by emailing Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell at dsnell@fullercenter.org or call 229-924-2900. If The Fuller Center is able to establish a presence or partnership on the island and you are interested in volunteering in long-term rebuilding, please let us know by completing the survey below. Thank you!

When would you be interested in working in Puerto Rico?
Do you have any professional skillsets you'd like to make available to the effort? (Mark all that apply)
Do you speak Spanish? (Not required)
Would you like to help raise funds for the effort?
Would you likely plan to bring a group?
If "yes", approximately how many would you expect to be in your group?
If you have worked on Fuller Center Global Builders or U.S. Builders trips in the past, please list those locations:

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