President David Snell’s 2015 Christmas message

It’s Christmastime, that glorious season when we turn our hearts to giving.  One of the best parts of growing up is having our thoughts move away from the gifts we’re going to receive to those we’re going to give. 

I don’t know what’s in the packages under the tree with my name in the “To” section, but I do know what’s in those with my name in “From”, and those are the ones I’m always most excited about.

By now your Christmas shopping is probably done, but I have an idea for one last gift to give, and this is one you can give to yourself.  That way you’ll have the wonder of being the “To” and the excitement of being the “From” all in one package. 

Give yourself the gift of Joy.  I’m not talking here about the joy we’ve been hearing of since the decorations went up.  I’m talking about the deeper joy that Jesus promised to those who keep his commandments. This is the joy that follows righteousness.  It’s the joy that fills our hearts with the knowledge that we are doing as He would have us do.  The commandments he gave us are remarkably few:  Love God and love one another.  He does give us some guidelines on how we can love one another.  He tells us to forgive and forgive and forgive again.  He tells us to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked.  In the Fuller Center for Housing translation He tells us to help the poor to have a decent place to call home.

Many of you who read this have already given yourselves the gift of Joy.  You’ve seen firsthand the difference that a hand up can make for someone in need.  If you’ve been on a Fuller Center build you’ve seen what a huge blessing a decent house is for a family living in abysmal conditions.  You’ve experienced the tears of gratitude and probably shed a tear or two yourself.  This is the joy that no material gift can offer.  It’s the joy that comes from Heaven above.

All of us here at The Fuller Center wish you and yours a Joyous and Merry Christmas.  May the spirit of the season fill your home with love, and may the gift of Joy be yours throughout the New Year.  

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