Let's pray about it

We are compiling a daily prayer calendar for 2021 with the goal of lifting one another up in prayer. We believe in the power of prayer, that God answers prayers, and that in praying for one another we will strengthen our fellowship. We’re asking each covenant partner to contribute 5 prayer requests. Please make your request specific but not a particularly time-sensitive request. We need to have the flexibility to assign your request to any day in 2021.

To help you, we have created 4 categories. Please submit one request per category, and then please submit a fifth request that can be anything that God has laid upon your heart. We’ve included numerous examples in each category to demonstrate the approximate breadth of the category. Feel free to use our examples or to create your own request, but please make them specific to your covenant partner’s circumstances.

Prayer Requests Form

Thank you and God bless!

We look forward to praying for you each day next year!