Millard Memorial Poems


by Terri Thrash
FCH homeowner in Shreveport, La.

Building new homes while building new hope.
Families that may have once been torn, now they can cope.
Building up what may have been once torn down.
Building a dream on higher ground.
Building a dream that may have once been shattered.
Filling many hearts with much joy and laughter.
So many people are so grateful for this man because in his heart was such a beautiful plan.
A plan to show love through his hands by building homes in such a strange land.
Millard Fuller was a man full of hope, full of love, and full of vision.
A man of unity, not division.
A man of great character and kindness, a true man of God who showed that, with God, nothing was too hard.
A man who lives on in the hearts of others and who showed us all how to truly love one another.
A man who now, God has called home. I can imagine hearing the voice of God saying to him, “Servant, well done!”


by T.H. Lawrence
Chairman, FCH Trivandrum, Kerala, India

I had for Millard a strong passion
Aroused by his deep compassion
For the homeless in his own nation
As also beyond many an ocean.

Millard’s life had a noble vision
In pursuit of which he led a mission
Founded out of his great ambition
For poverty-housing eradication.

The ministry of Habitat for Humanity
With which I enjoyed much affinity
Showed Millard’s love in infinity
That inspired even souls of vanity.

Millard, being of enormous tolerance,
Braved always all the hindrance
That stood against the furtherance
Of his goal and caused interference.

It is four years since the first sitting
At which Millard found it befitting
To sow the seeds at the old setting
For rolling his mission of housing.

Millard, to me, became a dear mentor
With the founding of the Fuller Center;
I know now I have a lot to render
Though I’m left with the ties asunder.

My heart is laden with grief acute,
Yet with a commitment more resolute
I pay Millard my humble tribute
By way of a tearful salute!

To Linda:


by Pek
Anugerah Pekerti

Your life soars
On yonder shores
Your love shelters
Family in dignity
Your habitat
Koinonia Georgia
A simple mount
On the ground
A hammer
rusty on a tree
What a legacy!

–Koinonia Farm, March 3-7, 2010

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