Help-These families have been waiting six long years!

Hopefully, today we put the first piling in the ground for the four houses we’re building under the United Way grant. That’s the exciting news! The "not so exciting news" is that we’ve been notified this week that we no longer have 200 days to complete these houses. We now have to have them done by the end of June.

So we need your help! We need you to rally the ole’ team and head down this way in April and May. This is a grand chance to create our little miracle for four families have been waiting almost six long years since Katrina to get back in their home!

One of my obliteration and paraphrase of a Millard Fuller quote is very appropriate here: Remember we never take a volunteer smaller than one person! Don’t hesitate to come by yourself–we’would pair you up with another team and by the end of the first day you’ll be one with them!

Call me!!



Submitted by Bart Tucker
Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

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