The Blessing of Rebirth Needed in Plaquemines Parish

I’m used to the new birth and life of spring gently reminding me that Easter is approaching. In Plaquemines, we’ve been in spring for some time. In fact, the blackberries are almost done. The result is that Easter has snuck up on us here! Thank goodness we had Palm Sunday for early warning.

Recently, a group of us held a reunion of sorts in Biloxi. It was clear that Biloxi has experienced a rebirth since Katrina. There was a vitality and energy there that gave you complete confidence that Biloxi was reborn. Sadly you don’t get that same impression here in Plaquemines. From our home base in Port Sulphur and south in Plaquemines, I estimate 85% of the families are living in mobile homes purchased as a temporary housing solution after Katrina. Having lived in a mobile home here since December, I have a firm opinion that a mobile home is a temporary housing solution. To compound the situation, many of these families are still struggling to deal with the economic impact of the oil spill.
The task is large before us.

We have one rehab and one new construction on the five yard line as Peter Salemme would say. As those of you who know the starfish in the sea story would say, we’ve made a major difference for those families. But there are literally hundreds of families here who need the blessing of rebirth.


Many of you have come to Plaquemines and offered the blessing of a new beginning and we thank you! For those of you who haven’t been able to come yet, let’s chat!
All of us here in Plaquemines wish you a joyous Easter!

Submitted by Bartow Tucker
Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders
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