PHOTO GALLERY: Update from new 50- home site near Juayúa community in El Salvador

Update from new 50-home site near Juayúa community in El Salvador

In early December, The People Helping People Network had its annual Vision Trip to El Salvador, carrying supporters to see its success stories in the country in four key areas — Housing, Health Care, Hunger Relief and Education. As usual, Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell joined the trip as leader of the nonprofit handling the housing component of PHP’s Hope Equation.

Visiting the future site of 50 new Fuller Center homes in Juayúa in December 2021.

During the trip, Snell and People Helping People Founder Jeff Cardwell — also Chairman of The Fuller Center’s Board of Directors — had the honor of witnessing some of The Fuller Center’s past, present and future efforts in the country.

They helped celebrate the present by helping dedicate The Fuller Center’s 500th new home in El Salvador. They also had the privilege of peeking into the future when they visited a soccer field near the community of Juayúa.  They didn’t come to play, though. They came to lay eyes on what is to become the site of 50 new homes. (The soccer field is being relocated.) That site also has a connection to The Fuller Center’s past in the country as it is not far from where the very first 14 Fuller Center homes were built in El Salvador.

“It’s an ideal spot, just as flat as can be,” Snell said at the time.

“It is an absolutely beautiful site,” Cardwell added. “It’s going to be a nice, flat building site, but it’s surrounded by mountains. It’s just a beautiful place.”

Work is under way on the project, and El Salvador’s Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol — who had been a great friend to both the People Helping People Network and The Fuller Center for Housing — has generously shared these photos from the progress:

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  • What an amazing way to change peoples’ lives! What could be better than being able to buy an affordable new home?!?!?!?!


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