A Philly "Guard of Honor"

By Gerry McCusker (our Scotsman by way of Australia)

Well this, I didn’t expect on the start of the ride; a food intolerant bug that’s turned my gut into a washing

machinespin cycle and sleep deprivation on top of the organic jet lag that has left me as punchy as a pugilist. Viral gastritis ain’t exactly Tour de France-recommended training preparations, right?

But after morning prayers with the accommodating Shane Claiborne and his wife Katie, Kert took me to the health clinic this morning, and I soon had a new dietary regime in place and the strength to give service by working on a street clean under the supervision of Block Captain, Mike.

And then a bonus: A complimentary, 2.5hr cycling tour of Philly courtesy of previous Fuller Center rider Josh, who laid on the tourist info…

2500+ active murals in the cityBen Franklin, the greatest figure in American history (so says Josh)
The sports curse of the William Penn statue
The soap opera of the Rocky film propThe myth of the Liberty Bell

But the coolest part of the day came right out of the blue; and on one of the toughest streets in the area we were staying.

About five minutes from Shane’s The Simple Way HQ, a group of local Kensington kids riding BMX/Mountain bikes, created an impromptu ‘guard of honor’ by popping wheelies alongside our cohort, for three full blocks along Kensington Ave. Aged 10-14 they seemed to love our orange jersey procession and took photos at stop lights. Seeing their energy and exuberance really showed their strength and spirit – the best part of a great Fuller Center day in Philly for me!


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  • I omitted to mention – and it’s been bugging me that I did – the generosity of Kert Emperado’s family; they kept bringing platter on platter of food for our team. Thank you Emperedos All!


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